RenaGardiner_0714_045Books, guidebooks and catalogues

An asterisk (*) indicates that the book mentions Rena or uses some of her artwork.

Artmonsky, R., The School Prints: A Romantic Project, Artmonsky Arts, London, 2006

Artmonsky, R., A Snapper Up of Uncons
idered Trifles
: A Tribute to Barbara Jones, Artmonsky Arts, London, 2008

Artmonsky, R., Art for Everyone: Contemporary Lithographs Ltd, Artmonsky Arts, London, n.d. (probably 2007). Reprinted in a hardback edition, Antique Collectors’ Club, Woodbridge, 2010

Artmonsky, R., Do You Want It Good or Do You Want It Tuesday? The Halcyon Days of W.S. Cowell Ltd. Printers, Artmonsky Arts, London, 2011

Artmonsky, R., The Pleasures of Printing: Thomas Griffiths at Vincent Brooks, Day & Sons and the Baynard Press, Artmonsky Arts, London, 2012

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Grigson, G., Shell Nature Studies: Fossils, Insects and Reptiles (with illustrations by Tristram Hillier), Phoenix House, London, 1957

Grigson, G., The Shell Guide to Trees and Shrubs (with illustrations by S.R. Badmin), Phoenix House, London, 1958

Grigson, G., The Shell Guide to Wildlife (with illustrations by John Leigh-Pemberton), Phoenix House, London, 1959

Grigson, G., The Shell Book of Roads (with illustrations by David Gentleman), Ebury Press in association with George Rainbird, London, n.d. (1964)

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Image and Word: The Julian Francis Collection of Prints and Illustrated Books, catalogue written by Julian Francis with an introduction by Simon Brett and a foreword by Professor Ian Rogerson, Monnow Valley Arts, Walterstone, 2013 (second edition)*

Levinson, O., ‘Quality and Experiment’: The Prints of John Piper – A Catalogue Raisonné 1923–1991, Lund Humphries, London, 1996

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Yorke, M., The Inward Laugh: Edward Bawden and his Circle, The Fleece Press, Upper Denby, 2005. Revised and expanded edition by the Antique Collectors’ Club, Woodbridge, 2007

Fans of C.J. Sansom’s series of Shardlake novels may have noted that, in his acknowledgements in Dark Fire, he refers to The Story of Saint Bartholomew the Great (1990 edition) as ‘stunningly illustrated’ and ‘a mine of information’ about the priory.

Journals, magazines and newspapers

Andrews, M., ‘Rena Gardiner and the Workshop Press’, Printmaking Today, Vol. 2, No. 4, Winter 1993, pp.24–25

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Auction catalogue

Robert A. Warry fnava, Auction Sale of Jewellery Silver and Plate, Ceramics, Collectors’ Items & Furniture, 24 March 2000, Blandford Auction Rooms, 1a Alfred Street, Blandford Forum, Dorset, Lots 383–404

This was the sale of Rena’s artwork; a separate sale dealt with the books butthe catalogue has not been found yet.